Spa Massage

Massage is proven to relieve muscular aches and strains, soothe joint pain and improve your health overall by removing toxins that nestle in your body. Massage is perfect for unwinding and releasing stress and tension, as well as rebalancing your body and mind.

Spa Massage


50 min | £60

For the ultimate calming massage the Lava Shell Relax treatment is the soothing solution. As the marine polished sea shells are glided smoothly over the body, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of utter relaxation and calm. An exotic mango oil is drizzled over the entire body releasing a sense of balance to the body and mind.

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​LAVA SHELL Back, Neck And Shoulder MASSAGE

25 min | £35

For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this massage uses heated lava shells to acheive a firm, deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly stress free and rejuvenated.

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Swedish Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

25 min | £30

We'll focus solely in the neck, back and shoulder areas using special massage movements designed to help you relax and unwind. This massage is ideal for clients who have limited time or can be added on to any treatment.

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Elemis Deep Tissue Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

25 min | £35

Specifically targeting the back, shoulders and neck areas using a dynamic blend of Elemis essential oils to relieve stress and muscle tension. The key techniques of the Deep Tissue Muscle Massage are experienced in this mini-massage.

Swedish Full body Massage

50 min | £50

Our exclusive Signature massage will help to reduce stress and create a sense of rejuvenation. We've combined the best massage techniques with customized pressure to create an unforgettable experience.

Elemis Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

50 min | £60

Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customised massage. Dynamic blends of Elemis essential oils are prescribed to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.



50 min | £45
An ancient practice originating from Asia, reflexology applies gentle massage techniques to the toes, feet and ankles, targeting specific areas. Massaging and applying pressure to parts of the feet, the goal is to encourage a beneficial effect on other parts of the body and to improve general health and wellbeing. An overall wonderfully relaxing treatment.

Indian Head Massage

40 min | £40

Indian Head Massage is perfect for both body and mind. It stimulates blood and oxygen to the scalp to improve circulation and encourage hair growth, promotes a good sleeping pattern, flushes out toxins from the body and reduces tension. Seated in a chair, the therapist works on the head, neck and shoulder area, including the arms and facial points, using different pressures and techniques to relax and invigorate.

​​Bamboo Massage
60 mins | £65
This specialised massage technique uses silky smooth bamboo canes throughout to deeply stretch and massage the body.  This unique massage releases muscle tension and tightness, improves the circulation and lymphatic flow to aid in detoxification.  Long fluid strokes in different styles like swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage are used to stretch and compress the muscles and tissue.  The massage can be adapted in pressure however is ideal for those requiring a deeper pressure in their massage.

​Hydrotherm Massage 

60 mins | £60
75 mins | £70
Experience a completely unique massage; lying on two warm water cushions, kept at a pleasurable 37 degrees, you remain face up throughout the entire treatment. Your whole body is supported in perfect spinal alignment making the massage ideal if you feel discomfort and is excellent to help soothe painful muscle tension. The relaxing warmth of the Hydrotherm System promotes an immediate sensation of wellbeing, enhancing the therapeutic effect of the massage. 

Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage

60 mins | £60
75 mins | £70

Designed by a midwife, the Hydrotherm Massage during pregnancy is the most relaxing treatment for mothers to be. Benefit from the warm water cushion support, relaxing movements and gentle rocking in this massage experience.  Suitable during all stages of pregnancy, supportive cushions relieve pressure from all your joints, whilst your specialist therapist eases and soothes the common aches and pains of pregnancy.

​Elemis Nurturing Massage for Mums to Be

75mins (60mins hand-on-therapy) £65​
Suitable from your first trimester this massage combines tried and tested safe pregnancy massage techniques adapted to each stage of pregnancy. Specialised positioning on our treatment beds is used to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Relieves tension in the upper back and alleviates swelling in the hands and feet. This treatment includes a light facial to cleanse and moisturise with a gentle scalp massage.