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Studio One

Studio One is located on the ground floor of the Emirates Arena, just past the reception desk. This is the main studio where Glasgow Club Fitness Classes take place on a daily basis. You can see a full list of the classes available below. Not a Glasgow Club member? Why not join today?

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Studio two

Studio Two is also located on the ground floor and is specifically designed for high intensity FT Fit and RPM™ classes. FT stands for Functional Training. These are intensive fitness sessions that use a variety of pieces of equipment to focus on training the body to work more efficiently by using series of movements as opposed to isolated muscle actions. RPM™ is an indoor cycle workout. Like all Les Mills™ classes, a new class is released every three months with new music and choreography.

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Studio 3

Located on the 4th floor beside the gym, Studio 3 is perfect for smaller, more relaxed classes. Commanding an impressive view of the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Studio 3 hosts yoga and Pilates classes. When large scale events are taking place at the Emirates Arena, some fitness classes may be moved to Studio 3. Please see our Class Cancellations page for more information.

Class Name Day Start
1/2 Day Walk TUE 10:00
Arke Express TUE 12:00
Arke Express THU 07:00
Arke Express THU 12:30
Arke Express FRI 07:00
Arke Express SAT 09:15
Arke Express SUN 15:00
Body Attack MON 20:30
Body Attack TUE 17:30
Body Attack WED 17:30
Body Attack THU 19:15
Body Attack FRI 17:30
Body Attack SUN 10:00
Body Balance MON 18:45
Body Balance TUE 19:30
Body Balance FRI 10:30
Body Balance SUN 12:30
Body Combat TUE 19:30
Body Combat THU 17:15
Body Combat FRI 06:45
Body Combat SAT 09:30
Body Pump MON 06:45
Body Pump MON 19:00
Body Pump TUE 07:15
Body Pump TUE 12:30
Body Pump TUE 20:30
Body Pump WED 07:00
Body Pump THU 12:30
Body Pump FRI 12:00
Body Pump FRI 18:45
Body Pump SAT 10:30
Body Pump SUN 14:00
Body Step MON 19:45
Body Step WED 18:15
Body Step SUN 11:00
Boxercise TUE 18:15
Boxercise THU 18:00
Cxworx Class MON 17:30
Cxworx Class MON 19:45
Cxworx Class TUE 18:00
Cxworx Class WED 20:00
Cxworx Class FRI 07:30
Cxworx Class SAT 11:30
F.T Fit MON 07:00
F.T Fit MON 18:00
F.T Fit TUE 07:00
F.T Fit TUE 17:15
F.T Fit TUE 19:30
F.T Fit WED 07:00
F.T Fit WED 18:45
F.T Fit THU 19:15
F.T Fit FRI 17:15
F.T Fit SAT 10:30
F.T Fit SAT 12:30
F.T Fit SUN 10:15
G-Cycle MON 18:45
G-Cycle TUE 18:00
G-Cycle WED 12:15
G-Cycle WED 18:00
G-Cycle WED 19:30
G-Cycle THU 07:00
G-Cycle THU 12:00
G-Cycle THU 18:30
G-Cycle FRI 07:00
G-Cycle FRI 12:45
G-Cycle FRI 18:00
G-Cycle SAT 09:45
G-Cycle SUN 11:00
Kettlebells Class MON 19:30
Kinesis Express MON 10:00
Kinesis Express MON 17:00
Kinesis Express THU 18:00
Kinesis Express FRI 13:00
Kinesis Express SAT 13:00
Kinesis Express SUN 12:00
Metafit Class MON 12:30
Metafit Class TUE 06:45
Metafit Class TUE 19:00
Metafit Class WED 12:30
Metafit Class WED 19:00
Metafit Class THU 07:00
Metafit Class FRI 10:00
Metafit Class FRI 18:15
Metafit Class SUN 09:30
Pilates THU 18:00
Pilates SAT 10:30
Pilates Course Per Week FRI 18:30
Pilates Course Per Week SAT 09:30
R.P.M Class MON 17:15
R.P.M Class TUE 12:30
R.P.M Class TUE 18:45
R.P.M Class THU 17:30
R.P.M Class FRI 11:00
R.P.M Class SAT 11:30
R.P.M Class SUN 09:30
R.P.M Class SUN 13:00
Sh`Bam Class MON 18:00
Sh`Bam Class SAT 11:30
Step In Circuits (v) TUE 10:00
Step In Circuits (v) WED 18:00
Step Up Circuits (v) TUE 11:00
Tabata Class MON 07:30
Tabata Class MON 13:00
Tabata Class TUE 13:15
Tabata Class WED 19:30
Tabata Class THU 20:00
Tabata Class SUN 12:00
Tai Chi THU 19:00
Willpower & Grace MON 18:00
Willpower & Grace WED 19:00
Willpower & Grace THU 12:00
Willpower & Grace SAT 12:30
Yoga MON 10:00
Yoga TUE 18:30
Yoga WED 12:30
Yoga FRI 12:00
Yoga SUN 10:30

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