​​​​​Monday Development Sessions

​Camp 5 Monday Evening Youth Development Sessions: Sprint Discipline 8 – 29 January (6-8pm)

Week 1 (8 January 2018)) – Key sprint skills  & techniques session

Week 2 (15 January 2018) – Tactical training session for sprint skills

Week 3 (22 January 2018) – Physical attributes for the sprint discipline

Week 4 (29 January 2018) – Coach led racing in the sprint discipline

Week 1 (8 January 2018)

Riders will undertake a number of exercises designed to improve their knowledge and skills in the sprint discipline including the track stand, the flying 200m tt,  observation and rushing the gap.   

Week 2 (15 January 2018)

Riders will progress from what they learn in week one and compete in a coach led sprint ladder and Keirin racing. Riders will learn about effective sprint tactics such as positioning and timing.

Week 3 (22 January 2018)

Riders will be engaged with a demanding session based around the physical demands of the sprint discipline. This session will be based around performing the skills and tactics learnt in the previous sessions whilst under physical stress. Riders will gain improved technical skills whilst under physical load.

Week 4 (29 January 2018)

Riders will be able to apply all the skills and techniques learnt in the past 3 weeks in coach led race evening.

Age:  12-U16 years

Time: 6-8pm

Cost: £16.30 per week 

Contact:   Glasgow Life Velodrome coaches working in partnership with Scottish Cycling Sprint head coach for any additional questions:





What to bring: bike and Rollers