Training at the Arena

Here at the Emirates Arena we are keen to make sure we are at the heart of sport in Glasgow. And given our winters we know how important it is to make sure our athletes can have the chance to train indoors. However we also host a number of events where those athletes get the opportunity to show off their talents and this can involve some time to set up the event.  

Therefore over the next few months there maybe some time when we will have to close the Arena for set up. We want to make sure you have as much time as possible to rearrange your sessions. Please find b​elow the details of the potential closures that might impact on your training. 

​​​Date ​Time of closure ​Event
​12/08/13 - 01/09/13 ​All Day (the sprint track and throw areas available 12/08/13 - 16/08/13) ​Major Event
​06 - 08/09/13 ​All Day (the sprint track will be available) ​Major Event
​14 - 15/09/13 ​All Day
​20 - 24/09/13 ​All Day ​Glasgow Rocks Match